De Blasio apologizes for quoting Che Guevara in Miami

New York City Mayor Bill de BlasioBill de BlasioNew York area will lift capacity restrictions May 19 NYC 24-hour subway service resumes May 17 Schumer demands restoration of 24-hour New York subway service MORE (D) apologized Thursday for quoting infamous Argentine revolutionary figure Ernesto “Che” Guevara in saying “Hasta la victoria siempre” at a Miami rally.

The phrase from Guevara, who is widely disliked by Miami’s large Cuban population, translates roughly to “Ever on to victory.”

“The eyes of the world are on Miami-Dade and on this airport,” de Blasio said Thursday during a union rally at Miami International Airport before quoting Guevara and passing off the microphone. 

But de Blasio apologized on Twitter hours later, saying he "did not know the phrase...was associated with Che Guevara."

"I did not mean to offend anyone who heard it that way. I certainly apologize for not understanding that history," he wrote. "I only meant it as a literal message to the striking airport workers that I believed they would be victorious in their strike." 

De Blasio’s remark was widely panned, notably by Florida’s Democratic Party chairwoman, who called on him to apologize.


"Mayor Bill DeBlasio does not speak for Floridians or the Florida Democratic Party and he would be wise to apologize,” Terrie Rizzo tweeted. 

De Blasio spoke at the airport in support of striking union workers after he participated in the first night of the Democratic debates Wednesday.

The comment is controversial in nature because it was adopted as a catchphrase by former Cuban leader Fidel Castro after Guevara joined as a top lieutenant.

Many Cubans residing in Southern Florida fled Cuba to escape Castro’s Communist government.

The comment came after de Blasio gave what was widely considered a lackluster performance on the debate stage Wednesday night.