'Grand Poobah' of Indianapolis' First Church of Cannabis launches bid for governor

'Grand Poobah' of Indianapolis' First Church of Cannabis launches bid for governor
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The self-titled "grand poobah" of Indianapolis' first and only Church of Cannabis, launched his bid for Indiana governor Monday.

Bill Levin will seek out the Libertarian nomination for governor, local station WRTV-6 first reported.

In response to the report, Levin confirmed the news in a post on Facebook.

"Lol .. I was going to send this out later this week.. but.. the cat is out of the bag.. Meow! Thanks Abdul!..SMH.. so much for my peaceful Monday.. Tag needs a computer was my only worry today. Now this... lol," he wrote.


"Today is a day of Celebration from unjust tyranny. That is why I choose this day to announce that I will be actively seeking the Libertarian nomination for Governor of Indiana in 2020."

"Let's have fun and get this done!"

Levinson, who gave himself the "grand poobah" title when he founded the church in 2015, told reporters from the IndyStar on Tuesday that he wanted to focus his gubernatorial bid on education reform.

"We have got to tear down every structure and thought and idea we have about schools and build it all from the ground up," he said, not offering specifics. "What they got going doesn't work."

He also mentioned cleaning up the environment and making government less partisan.

When pressed, Levin said he would legalize cannabis if elected, but criticized the reporter for asking about "marijuana."

"Well, marijuana is the ugly slang term the government gave it," he said. "Its proper term is cannabis. I personally feel that cannabis should have the same laws as dandelions and poison ivy. If we're going to send our state police into a field to destroy something, let it be poison ivy, for crying out loud. Nobody likes that."

Indiana Libertarian Party chair Timothy Maguire told the IndyStar that no one else is running from the party at this point.

"We'll have to see what the delegates think come March when we vote on it," he said. "So far he’s the only candidate in the race, and I wholeheartedly welcome him into the race."