Moulton: Trump voters 'know that he's an a--hole'

Moulton: Trump voters 'know that he's an a--hole'
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Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Seth MoultonSeth Wilbur MoultonStanley McChrystal endorses Moulton for president 2020 Democrats react to 'send her back' chants at Trump rally 2020 Democratic candidates rip Trump remarks at campaign rally MORE (D-Mass.) said Thursday that voters backing President TrumpDonald John TrumpChelsea Clinton announces birth of third child Ukrainian officials and Giuliani are sharing back-channel campaign information: report Trump attacks 'the Squad' as 'racist group of troublemakers' MORE "know that he's an asshole," cautioning Democrats against trying to launch a "moral crusade" against the president.

“I think a lot of Democrats think, ‘You know, these Trump voters, what we need to do is we just need to educate them, and we're going to get it through their heads that this guy is a bad guy,’ ” Moulton said in a wide-ranging interview with Politico

“OK, Trump voters are not idiots. We don’t need to give America a moral education; they know that he’s an asshole. They get it. They’ve just baked that in,” he continued.


Moulton, a long-shot presidential candidate, told the outlet that his party could not afford to go on a "moral crusade" heading into next year's general election.

“When we’re trying to win over Trump voters in the general election, we can’t go on this moral crusade because people are like, ‘Give me a break,’ ” he added. “What they’re really saying is, ‘I get it, I get this guy is immoral. I’m voting for him anyway because you don’t give me a better alternative.’ ” 

The Massachusetts congressman told Politico he believes he can campaign against Trump “in a way that doesn’t alienate his voters.” 

Moulton is among more than two dozen people vying for the Democratic Party's 2020 presidential nomination. He was one of four candidates, including Montana Gov. Steve BullockSteve BullockTrump tweets, rally chant dominate Sunday shows as president continues attacks Sunday shows - Fallout over Trump tweets Bullock: I would not have endorsed health care for undocumented immigrants on debate stage MORE, who did not make the stage for the first round of Democratic presidential debates. 

Moulton has yet to collect donations from 65,000 Americans or meet 1 percent in three polls from a pre-approved list by the Democratic National Committee, making him unlikely to receive a spot on the stage at the next round of Democratic debates later this month.