Inslee tweets Onion story joking about his withdrawal from presidential race

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) on Thursday joined in the fun with an Onion article mocking his withdrawal from the 2020 presidential race.

Inslee, who announced he would run for reelection as governor Thursday after bowing out of the crowded Democratic field the day before, had made the threat of climate change the central focus of his campaign.

The Onion brief "quotes" Inslee as saying "Whenever you need my guidance to help fight for the future of our planet, just come to this wooded spot and listen for the whisper of the wind between these branches and the dappling of light upon theses leaves. There you will hear my voice. There you will see my spirit."

"At press time, Inslee had been burned alive in a blaze caused by a poorly maintained fire pit," the article concludes.

The satirical news site made a running joke out of Inslee's climate focus with other headlines including "Jay Inslee Recalls Decision To Run For President After 5 Teens From Across Globe Pressed Enchanted Rings Together To Call Him Into Existence" and "DNC Committee Throws Bound Jay Inslee Onto Melting Iceberg Before Pushing Him Out To Sea."