Williamson: Left shouldn't mock people who think prayers can turn away hurricanes

Marianne WilliamsonMarianne WilliamsonRush Limbaugh dead at 70 Marianne Williamson discusses America's "soulless ethos" Marianne Williamson discusses speaking at People's Party Convention MORE chided people who mocked her for a since-deleted tweet in which she argued the “power of the mind” kept Hurricane Dorian from doing more damage Wednesday.

“Prayer is a power of the mind, and it is neither bizarre nor unintelligent. People of faith belong in the Democratic Party, and will be necessary to the effort if we’re to win in 2020,” the Democratic presidential candidate tweeted.


“I was born and raised in Texas so I’ve seen it. Millions of people today are praying that Dorian turn away from land, and treating those people with mockery or condescension because they believe it could help is part of how the overly secularized Left has lost lots of voters,” she added.

The Williamson campaign told the Hill earlier Wednesday that Williamson had been subjected to a double standard that was not applied to more traditional expressions of faith.

"It was a metaphor. When others speak of prayer and the mind it’s considered profound, but Williamson is held to a different standard," the campaign said. "Because the comment led to confusion it was replaced."

After deleting the initial tweet, Williamson tweeted “Prayers for the people of the Bahamas, Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. May the peace of God be upon them and their hearts be comforted as they endure the storm.”