Bennet: 'This generation has a lot to be really angry at us about'

Bennet: 'This generation has a lot to be really angry at us about'

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Michael BennetMichael Farrand BennetTop Democrat pushes for tying unemployment insurance to economic conditions 50-50 Senate opens the door to solutions outlasting Trump's moment of violence Build trust in vaccines by investing in community workers MORE (D-Colo.) said Generation Z "has a lot to be really angry at us about" referring to climate change, student debt and the national debt.

The presidential candidate addressed a crowd of young voters during MSNBC's Climate Forum 2020, saying climate change is a "huge, unbelievably urgent, existential problem."

"We have lots of problems on our hands, and this generation of Americans has a lot to be really angry at us about," he said. 


The Colorado senator said he thinks climate change is a priority for young voters because of the worry that they won't have the ability to fix the problem.

"On climate, the reason it's different is, they're paying attention to science and what they're saying is, if we don't begin to address it, if we don't get our heads out of whatever it is where our heads are, that there may not be anything left for them to do," he said.

Bennet added that his plan for tackling climate change includes an initiative to build a coalition with farmers and ranchers to discuss sequestering more carbon in the United States.