Democratic fundraising tool raises $297M in third quarter

Democratic fundraising tool raises $297M in third quarter
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Democratic fundraising platform ActBlue on Thursday announced that it has raised $297 million in the third quarter, putting it on track to raise $1 billion this year. 

The platform said in a statement that more than 3 million donors contributed to its biggest quarter this year and third-largest in its history. 


"Roughly the same number of unique donors have now given this year as in the entire 2018 election cycle!" the statement said. 

ActBlue's donors contributed 10.5 million times to 8,984 campaigns and organizations that fundraise through it between July 1 and Sept. 30. 

The average contribution size for the quarter was $28.39. 

ActBlue also contrasted its fundraising with this point in past election cycles. In quarter three of 2017 it had raised just more than $108 million, and in quarter three of 2015 it had raised nearly $58 million. 

The website noted that many of the donations it received were not related to the 2020 presidential election — 62.4 percent of donors gave to a campaign or organization that is not a presidential candidate. 

"Small-dollar donors have blown us away with their enthusiasm and passion this quarter," the statement said. "It was huge and kept us on track for campaigns and organizations to raise one billion dollars on ActBlue alone this year — an incredibly impressive grassroots movement!"