Kamala Harris: ‘Donald Trump got punked’ by North Korea

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Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) mocked President Trump over his administration’s policy toward North Korea during the fifth Democratic primary debate.

“Donald Trump got punked,” Harris joked when asked whether she would make concessions to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in order to keep the talks started under the Trump administration going with the country. 

Harris broadened her criticism and accused Trump of conducting broader foreign policy with “a very fragile ego.” 

“He has conducted foreign policy since day one borne out of a very fragile ego that fails to understand that one of the most important responsibilities of the commander in chief is to concern herself with the security of our nation and homeland and to do it in a way that understands that part of the strength of who we are as a nation, and therefore an extension of our ability to be secure is not only that we have a vibrant military, but that when we walk in any room around the globe, we are respected, because we keep to our word. We are consistent. We speak truths, and we are loyal,” she asserted. 

Harris specifically targeted a swath of Trump’s other foreign policy decisions, such as removing the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement and announcing that he would pull troops from northeastern Syria, which garnered bipartisan ire for leaving Kurdish allies in the region.  

She also called out the president for meeting multiple times with the North Korean leader, while the U.S. and South Korea have ended some joint military exercises and other operations.

“There are no concessions to be made. [Trump] has traded a photo op for nothing. By shutting down the operations with South Korea for the last year and a half, so those operations, which should be and those exercises which should be active because they are in our best national security, the relationship we have with Japan, he has in every way comprised our ability to have any influence on slowing down or at least having a check and balance on North Korea’s nuclear program,” Harris said.

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