Health care, national security among top issues for voters in 2020: Gallup

Health care, national security among top issues for voters in 2020: Gallup
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Health care and national security sat on the top of a list of Americans' top concerns heading in to the primary season, according to a Gallup poll released Monday.

The poll found that 81 percent of respondents ranked health care as an issue important in their vote, higher than any other issue, with the highest percentage of respondents finding it "extremely" important in the poll as well.

Eighty percent of those polled said terrorism and national security were important to them, a few percentage points above gun policy, which ranked third with 74 percent of respondents calling it an important issue. The same percentage of people — 34 percent — said that gun policy and national security were "extremely" important to them at the time of the survey.


Education also ranked highly for Americans in the survey, with 83 percent of respondents answering that it was an important issue for them and 33 percent calling it "extremely" important.

Other issues that have been at the forefront in the Democratic primary, such as climate change, were ranked less important: 55 percent of Americans called climate change important for determining their 2020 vote, while just 26 percent called it extremely important.

Immigration, which also has seen much public discussion in recent years, ranked lower as well, with 74 percent of respondents ranking it as an important issue for their vote.

The Gallup poll, taken between Dec. 2-15, is based on telephone interviews with 1,025 U.S. adults 18 and over. The margin of error is 4 percentage points.