Ron Reagan says his father 'would have been embarrassed and ashamed' of Trump

Ron Reagan says his father 'would have been embarrassed and ashamed' of Trump
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Ron Reagan, the son of former President Ronald Reagan, says his father would have been “embarrassed and ashamed” of the current Republican president. 

In an interview with The Daily Beast published Friday, Reagan said the 40th commander in chief would have thought President TrumpDonald TrumpMajority of Americans in new poll say it would be bad for the country if Trump ran in 2024 ,800 bottle of whiskey given to Pompeo by Japan is missing Liz Cheney says her father is 'deeply troubled' about the state of the Republican Party MORE was “a traitorous president who is betraying his country.”

“The Republican Party at this point, for a whole host of reasons to do with Donald Trump, is an entirely illegitimate political party just made up of a bunch of sycophantic traitors mouthing Kremlin propaganda to defend this squalid little man who is occupying the White House,” Reagan said. "This is a dying party. They either have to remake themselves entirely or they will disappear eventually. Within a decade the Republican Party will be a minor fringe group if it continues going this way.”


Reagan, whose 2014 ad for the Freedom From Religion Foundation played again this week during the Democratic presidential debate, identifies himself as “an unabashed atheist” who is “not afraid of burning in hell,” saying he supports the group to keep "state and church separate, just like the Founding Fathers intended."

Reagan's liberal political views differ greatly from those of his father, but he says President Reagan at least “held the office with a degree of dignity and class.”

“My father would have been ashamed of this Republican Party,” he said. “He would have been embarrassed and ashamed that a president of the United States was as incompetent and traitorous as the man occupying the White House now. He’s a disgrace to the office of the presidency.”