Majority not confident in US elections: Gallup

Majority not confident in US elections: Gallup

The majority of Americans don't have faith in the integrity of the country's elections, a recent Gallup poll finds.

Nearly 60 percent of Americans who were polled said that they didn't have faith in the honesty of U.S. elections. The survey was part of the Gallup World Poll, in which the analytics company asked the same question worldwide.

With just 40 percent of Americans having confidence in elections, the U.S. ranked toward the bottom of all the countries that were surveyed. In fact, only Turkey (39 percent), Latvia (37 percent), Chile (31 percent) and Mexico (30 percent) were statistically lower.

Gallup polled Americans in April and May of 2019. By that time, multiple American intelligence agencies had confirmed that Russia had meddled in the 2016 presidential election. That said, confirmation of Russian interference wasn't the catalyst for the lack of faith.

The last time the majority of Americans had faith in their elections was in 2009. The lack of confidence in elections peaked at 69 percent in 2016 during the general election cycle.