Bloomberg gave $463.8 million to campaign

Bloomberg gave $463.8 million to campaign
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Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg donated a total of $463.8 million to his self-funded presidential campaign by the beginning of February, according to a Federal Election Commission filing posted Thursday.

Of that money, Bloomberg has spent $220 million in January alone — more than several of his opponents have raised in the entire cycle. Axios estimated that equalled a spending of $7.1 million a day, broken down into $4,942 spent per minute and $82.37 per second.

Bloomberg, who’s worth more than $50 billion, has been spending heavily on TV advertisements, especially in Super Tuesday states that will vote March 3. 


The new filing was submitted the day after Bloomberg made his first debate appearance in Nevada, where he was heavily attacked by his rivals over his support of stop and frisk as mayor and nondisclosure agreements he's signed with women amid media reports regarding allegations he has made a number of sexist comments.

The former New York mayor has also qualified for the next debate in South Carolina on Tuesday, even as he has decided to skip the first four nominating contests to focus on Super Tuesday instead.