Biden has slim lead over Trump in Florida in new Fox News poll

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a narrow lead over President Trump in Florida, according to a Fox News poll.

In the poll of registered Florida voters, Biden edged out Trump 46 percent-43 percent in a head-to-head match-up, which falls within the poll's margin of error, while 12 percent said that they were still undecided on who they would vote for in November's general election.

Trump's largest leads in the poll came from voters who identify as conservatives, as he leads Biden by 41 points among that group. He also leads among white voters without a college degree, and white voters generally, with 24-point and 18-point margins, respectively. These marks are lower than the numbers he got in 2016 when he won Florida over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by just one point. 

Meanwhile, Biden excelled with women voters in the Sunshine State, holding a 12-point lead over the president. He also did well with Hispanic respondents, who said they would support him over Trump by a margin of 18 points, and independents, whom he leads with by 11 points. Comparatively, Clinton in 2016 won the women and Hispanic vote by 4 points and 27 points, respectively, but lost the independent vote in the state by 4 points.

Overall, Trump scored a 51 percent approval rating, while 47 percent of surveyed Florida voters said that they disapproved of his job performance.

"The discrepancy between the approval number and the vote is telling," GOP pollster Daron Shaw, who directs the poll with Democrat Chris Anderson, said. "It suggests some may be OK with what Trump's doing, but dislike how he handles himself. Those are voters the White House will be targeting over the next six months."

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis notched a higher job approval than Trump, with 59 percent of voters saying that they approved of the job DeSantis has done as governor, while 33 percent disapproved.