Progressive group launches $59 million vote-by-mail effort

Progressive group launches $59 million vote-by-mail effort
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The nonprofit arm of the progressive donor group Way to Win on Thursday announced that it is rolling out a $59 million effort aimed at helping minority voters vote by mail in November. 

The group told The Associated Press it has already poured $50 million into the 2020 general election cycle, focusing on critical swing states such as Florida, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona and North Carolina. 

Way to Win's nonprofit arm is working with a number of organizations including George Soros's Open Society and the Ford Foundation, according to the outlet. 


The push comes as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has hampered election processes across the country, resulting in a number of states carrying out mostly vote-by-mail primaries.

The vote-by-mail primaries have raised questions about how the process will take place in November after Georgia's primaries resulted in chaos earlier this month as issues with the state's new voting system resulted in long wait times and confusion at polling sites across the state. 

“We need to meet the urgency of this moment ... we need everyone to keep their foot on the gas pedal,” a senior adviser of Way to Rise told the AP.  “We’re challenging others and our partners in the sector to help fill critical funding gaps for communities of color, who have long been under-resourced in philanthropy.”

Democrats argue that minority voters benefit from vote-by-mail measures. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also encouraged the practice amid the pandemic. 

However, Republicans have voiced concerns that the process is vulnerable to voter fraud. 

Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah currently conduct almost entirely vote-by-mail elections.