Mary Trump says she plans to vote for Biden

Mary Trump, who released a critical tell-all book about her uncle, President Trump, and their family earlier this week, said she plans to vote for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in November. 

Mary Trump told NPR in an interview Wednesday that she will support Biden after earlier this week calling for her uncle to step down as president.

Asked by ABC News on Tuesday what she would tell the president if she was in front of him in the Oval Office, Mary Trump responded, "Resign." 

A New York judge on Monday lifted a temporary restraining order preventing Trump from discussing her family in the memoir on the eve of the book's release. The ruling allowed Trump's book, "Too Much Is Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man," to be released Tuesday. 

She faced a legal challenge from the president's brother, Robert Trump, who filed multiple lawsuits to block the release on the grounds that Mary Trump was violating a nondisclosure agreement signed by members of the Trump family. 

Portions of the book were reported by The Hill and other news outlets last week. Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist, accused the president of a penchant for lying and cheating and described him as a narcissist.