Trump shares fake video of Biden playing 'F--- tha Police'

President Trump shared a fake video Wednesday morning that made it seem Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was playing the NWA song "F--- tha Police."

It's the latest example of Trump retweeting a fake, doctored or manipulated image or message from his Twitter account. 

It comes as the president is leaning into a law-and-order message on the campaign trail and as he trails Biden in national and swing-state polls.

The fake video was tweeted by a pro-Trump parody account "The United Spot." Trump added the words "What is this all about?" over the video in which Biden is depicted as playing the NWA song from 1988 at a Hispanic Heritage Month event. 

Twitter flagged the video as "manipulated media."

In the original, widely shared version, Biden instead plays "Despacito" from his phone after being introduced by Puerto Rican artist Luis Fonsi, who released the song last year.

White House officials, Twitter officials and the Biden campaign did not immediately return requests for comment.

Twitter has cracked down on some of the president's tweets. It added a warning message to a tweet from Trump in June that Twitter said violated its policies on manipulated media.

Biden was criticized by some on social media for the clip, which was shared Tuesday evening following the event, and some on Twitter compared it to then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's cringe-inducing 2016 "Pokemon Go to the polls" moment.