Obama urges Americans to vote early in ad: ‘It’s going to be close’


Former President Obama in an ad released this week by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) urged voters to cast their ballots early ahead of next month’s general election, adding that the results are “going to be close.” 

“The 2020 election isn’t a few weeks away; it’s already here,” Obama explained in the ad published by the DNC on Monday. “Millions of Americans are already voting. Make sure you stand up and join them.” 

An analysis by the United States Elections Project found that more than 14 million people have already cast their general election ballots as of Wednesday. 

“There will always be reasons to think your vote doesn’t matter,” Obama continued. “That’s not new. What is new is a growing movement for justice, equality and progress on so many issues.”

“This really is a tipping point, and that momentum only continues if we win this election,” he added. “But it’s going to be close. It could come down to a handful of voters just like you.” 

Obama ended the video with a call to voters, asking them to “bring this thing home. Leave no doubt. Vote early.” 

This ad comes after Obama appeared in a video from Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign ahead of the first presidential debate last month, saying at the time that the Trump administration was “working to keep people from voting” and that “our democracy itself” is at stake in the 2020 election. 

President Trump’s predecessor also made a call to voters in September with a video address in support of National Voter Registration Day, arguing that his followers should vote for Biden to ensure “our democracy endures.” 

In an episode of the “Pod Save America” podcast released Wednesday evening, Obama continued his criticism of the Trump administration by accusing the sitting president of spreading misinformation on social media. 

“Social media, media infrastructure, the conservative media infrastructure. We’ve had this conversation before. That is a problem that is going to outlast Trump. Trump is a symptom of it and an accelerant to it,” he said in an interview on the podcast. “It has gotten turbocharged because of social media. And because the head of our government, of our federal government has resorted to it.” 

Obama has recently become more involved in his former vice president’s White House bid, with sources confirming to The Hill on Thursday that Obama is expected to appear on the campaign trail in the final two weeks of Biden’s campaign, with appearances scheduled in key swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

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