Biden to receive first daily presidential briefing on Monday

Joe Biden is set to receive his first presidential daily briefing as president-elect Monday, according to his transition team. 

Biden transition spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters the news during a call Wednesday after a spokesperson for the Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) announced Tuesday that the White House had granted the ODNI permission to give Biden the presidential daily briefing as apart of the transition process. 

The document is a written summary of high-level intelligence that the president receives on a daily basis.

While President Trump has yet to concede and continues to challenge the results of this month's election in court, his approval was necessary in order for Biden to receive the daily report. 

The General Services Administration (GSA) told Biden on Monday that the Trump administration was ready to begin the transition process, weeks after Biden was projected to win the general election. ODNI had been waiting for GSA to acknowledge Biden's win before giving him intelligence reports, though it was not necessary to do so. 

"Following the statutory direction of the Presidential Transition Act, ODNI will provide requested support to the transition team," the ODNI spokesperson said.

It is unclear whether Biden and Trump will meet during the process, which is typical for presidential transition processes. Biden spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield said it is not "mission-critical" for the two to meet during the period, though the former vice president said Tuesday he'd be happy to meet with Trump "if he asked." 

"We do not feel that it is necessary for President-elect Biden to speak with President Trump in order to get that information," Bedingfield said. "We believe that we've been getting the information that our teams need. Certainly should President Trump want to speak with President-elect Biden, then that's something we'd work out in the future."