Business forecast gloomy for GOP

Republicans, looking to win back the congressional majority in 2008, may get less support than they would have hoped from a core constituency: business.   

Bernadette Budde, senior vice president for the Business Industry Political Action Committee, a group of companies that supports business-friendly candidates, said a number of the Senate Democrats up for reelection have records the group could support.

“It is hard to argue that Max Baucus (Mont.) or others have not been receptive to the business agenda,” Budde said, referring to chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

Challengers will have a hard time lining up a united business front against pro-business incumbents, Budde said.
The type of candidates Senate Republicans face may compound another problem: The party has to defend 21 seats in 2008, compared to 12 for Democrats.

News isn’t any better for House Republicans.

The environment that led to Democratic victories last November will not have changed considerably by the next election, Budde said.

“The bad news will still be there in 2008,” she said.