Spitzer endorses Clinton, says nation in ‘crisis’

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D) endorsed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) for the presidency Monday, saying she is the right leader to deal with the “crisis” that the United States finds itself in today.

“When we look around the globe today, when we look around our nation, we see crisis,” Spitzer said at a campaign event in New York.

The first-term governor said that the country faces a crisis in foreign policy, domestic economics and ethics. “A crisis,” he said, “that needs somebody tall to stand up with pride and say, ‘I am proud to lead this nation.’”

Spitzer said that Clinton has been steadfast in standing up for healthcare reform, education reform and military reform even when it wasn’t popular to do so. Those are key reasons she is the right choice for the presidency, he added.

“She is a New Yorker through and through because she has wisdom, courage, guts,” the governor added. “That is what defines us as a state and a nation.”

In accepting the endorsement, Clinton harkened back to President John F. Kennedy’s goal to send a man to the moon and President Lyndon B. Johnson’s pledge to fight to end discrimination. She said it is time for the United States to set new goals to move the country forward.

“Well, what are our goals today?” the Democratic front-runner asked. “If one of these children asks you, ‘What are the goals of America?’ what is our answer? We haven't set them. We don't have a vision that has goals for where we need to be as the greatest nation on earth. Well, I want to be a president who sets goals for America again.”

Clinton cited the goals of energy independence, universal healthcare, improved education and “new, good, high-paying jobs for Americans.”

She also pledged to end the war in Iraq.

“I want to be completely clear with you: If the president does not end the war in Iraq before he leaves office, when I’m president I will, as soon as I take office.”