Senate Democrats rip Rick Scott’s GOP agenda in new ad

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) ripped Sen. Rick Scott’s (R-Fla.) recently released 11-point GOP agenda in a new ad released on Wednesday. 

The DSCC is rolling out a five-figure radio and podcast buy criticizing Scott’s agenda, particularly hitting Scott over his call for all Americans to pay income taxes. 

“This just in, Republicans have released their plan if they win the Senate,” the radio spot says. “It’s to raise taxes on over 50 percent of Americans, including many seniors and working families. If Republicans win, we’ll pay the price.”

The DSCC also hit Scott over the plan in a statement released on Tuesday. 

“We’re making sure voters know the facts about Senate Republicans’ agenda: a tax hike on millions of seniors and over half of all Americans,” said the DSCC’s communications director, David Bergstein, in the statement. “At every opportunity, Republicans are pushing the interests of the ultra-wealthy and big corporations that get rich by spiking costs — all while working families pay the price. In 2022, voters will hold every GOP Senate candidate accountable.”

While Scott chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the 31-page agenda is separate from the committee and was paid for by Scott’s own campaign, according to the memo. 

Scott released the plan, which outlines the GOP’s blueprint if they take control of the Senate, on Tuesday. Dubbed the “Plan to Rescue America,” the agenda calls for finishing the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and naming it after former President Trump. The agenda also calls for no longer referencing ethnicity on government forms. 

“Nations have borders. We should give that a try. President Trump’s plan to build a wall was right. We welcome those who want to join us in building the American dream, immigrants who want to be Americans, not change America,” a slide deck featuring the plan reads. “We are a stronger nation because we are a nation of immigrants; but immigration without assimilation makes us weaker. Politicians from both parties talk big about border security and do nothing. We are done with that.” 

However, Scott’s call in the plan for all Americans to pay income taxes “even if a small amount” has sparked criticism from Democrats, including those in the White House. 

“[Scott] and and Senate Republicans just released an economic plan that doesn’t include a single proposal to lower prices for the middle class. Instead he wants to raise taxes on half of Americans — including on seniors and working families,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted on Tuesday. “Seriously, that’s their plan.”

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