Price: Republicans can take enough seats to win back the House in 2010

Rep. Tom Price (Ga.) is confident that his Grand Old Party will retake control of the House in 2010.

The Republican Study Committee Chairman has predicted that the GOP “will be able to gain at least 40 seats” necessary to regain majority status since losing it to Democrats in 2006.


Price attributes his "optimism" to Democratic leaders' insistence on pushing their moderate rank-and-file members to take potentially career-ending votes on controversial legislation such as cap-and-trade and economic stimulus.

“(Vulnerable Democrats) continue to be pushed off the cliff on vote after vote after vote where they are representing their leadership and not representing their constituents,” Price told reporters gathered at a roundtable breakfast on Friday morning.

For the first time in several election cycles, Republicans are fielding a stream of "high-quality, high-caliber" candidates signing up to challenge incumbent Democratic lawmakers, he explained.

“Because the American people understand and appreciate the direction in which the nation is headed is not the direction that they desire … men and women of high-quality, high-caliber in the community, in business, in their profession are standing up saying ‘how do I help?’, ‘what do I do?’ and so the quality of candidates will be incredible,” the former orthopedic surgeon said.

Officials with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) said that the Republicans have nothing to offer in 2010, arguing that the caliber of Democratic candidates has risen as well.

“Anyone who thinks Republicans will regain control of the House in 2010 is in la-la land. … Voters view Republicans as the party of no solutions, obstruction, and negative personal attacks,” DCCC spokesman Ryan Rudominer told The Hill on Friday.

House Democratic leaders felt push-back on the healthcare debate this week when they struggled to rally support for a “robust public option” to include in the final bill that the chamber will consider.