Hutchison won’t resign Senate seat before gubernatorial primary

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) will announce this weekend that she will not be resigning her Senate seat to run for governor until after the primary, according to sources with knowledge of her intentions.

By staying in the Senate, Hutchison will keep a valuable seat in Republican hands for the time being. Republicans have openly worried about losing the seat in a free-for-all special election this May.


The Hutchison resignation drama has played out over the course of much of the year, and the senator has said at various times that she intended to resign in order to devote her full attention to running for governor.

A number of Democrats and Republicans have prepared their special election campaigns in the meantime. Now it appears there might be no special election at all.

Recent polling has shown Hutchison falling behind Gov. Rick Perry (R).

The Associated Press is reporting that she will say she intends to resign in 2010 regardless of the outcome of the primary.

Her seat isn't up for a regular election until 2012, and Republicans will likely urge her to stay if she loses to Perry, just as they have urged her not to resign in recent months.