Romney expands ad buy into Florida

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) is expanding his recent ad buy in South Carolina to the new early-voting state of Florida.

Romney has made significant gains in the other early-voting states with a consistent presence on TV. Recent polls show him leading in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

But the former governor’s aides in Florida have conceded in the past that to produce the same results in a state with as many expensive media markets as Florida, the governor will have to spend a lot more money and similar results will take a lot more time.

In Florida, the campaign will air a version of Romney’s “Energy” ad. It shows the former governor jogging while a narrator talks about Romney’s accomplishments as head of the Salt Lake City Olympics committee and as governor of the Bay State.

“Every place that Mitt has gone, he has solved problems that people said were nearly impossible,” Romney’s wife Ann says on the ad.

The campaign declined to disclose the size of the Florida ad buy, but one official said it is “comparable to our ongoing efforts in N.H. and Iowa over the last few months.”