Obama denies Clinton charge of ‘dirty tricks’

Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaLGBTQ advocates slam Buttigieg for past history with Salvation Army Jayapal pushes back on Gaetz's questioning of impeachment witness donations to Democrats Gaetz clashes with Stanford professor: 'It makes you look mean' MORE’s (D) campaign on Tuesday denied charges from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) campaign that the Illinois senator is engaged in “dirty tricks” in early-voting states.

Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle sent out a message to campaign supporters Monday night that said the candidate has been the target of push-polls in Iowa and New Hampshire and that in Iowa, Clinton supporters are receiving calls telling them to go to inaccurate caucus locations.

“In both Iowa and New Hampshire, we have heard that Obama staffers are berating Hillary supporters on the phone with negative attacks against her,” she wrote.

The message went on to lay out specific messages relayed by supporters and request that any other supporters in Iowa who receive similar phone calls contact the campaign to report them. A phone number was provided.

The Obama campaign, however, said the accusations are baseless.

“This flat-out falsehood is the latest attack in a silly season where our opponents have promised to stop at nothing in an effort to tarnish Barack Obama’s character,” Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in an e-mail. “Push-polling or tactics of confusion have no place in this campaign and we don’t or won’t engage in them. Unlike some other campaigns, we want every potential Iowa caucus-goer to participate in the process, no matter who they support.”