Palin tells Washington's 'mama grizzlies' that Dems can be beaten in November

Palin tells Washington's 'mama grizzlies' that Dems can be beaten in November

Sarah Palin rallied “mama grizzlies” in Washington on Friday, telling female activists they can defeat Democrats this fall.

“Washington, let me tell ya, you no doubt don’t want to mess with moms who are rising up,” she said. “I always think of the mama grizzly bears that rise up on their hind legs when something’s coming to attack their cubs.


“You don’t want to mess with the mama grizzlies, and I think there are a whole lot of those in this room.”

The former Alaska governor called Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaBudowsky: 3 big dangers for Democrats HuffPost says president's golfing trips to Trump properties cost taxpayers over 0 million in travel and security expenses Support for same-sex marriage dips 4 points from 2018 high: Gallup MORE “the most pro-abortion president to ever occupy the White House” when she addressed the Susan B. Anthony List’s (SBA) annual fundraising breakfast. The SBA works to elect women who do not support abortion rights.

Palin was greeted with a standing ovation and received thunderous applause several times throughout the speech.

She told the crowd the Obama administration promoted a “disrespect for life” by pushing the healthcare reform bill.

“We don’t like that transformation,” she said, noting it has fueled the growth of the Tea Party movement. “To me, it seems like it’s a kind of mom awakening in the last year and a half. Where women are rising up and saying no, ‘We’ve had enough already. We’re going to run this thing around.’ Because mom’s kinda just know when something’s wrong.”

The former Alaska governor encouraged the audience of some 550 at the Ronald Reagan Building to work to defeat Democrats who voted for the healthcare reform bill. Anti-abortion advocates were angered over provisions of the bill they say allows taxpayer money to subsidize insurance policies that cover elective abortions.

Some Catholic hospitals and groups of Catholic nuns backed the bill but the majority of Catholic groups, including the influential U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, opposed it.

“We won’t forget those who promised to hold firm against government funding of abortion but caved at the last minute in exchange for a non-binding executive order promised by the most pro-abortion president to ever occupy the White House,” Palin said.

“We’re putting all our effort into these midterm elections,” she added. “This year will be remembered as the year when common sense conservative women get things done for our country.”

Palin also defended her backing of California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, whom SBA has endorsed. Palin's endorsement drew criticism from some of her supporters, who labeled Fiorina a Republican In Name Only.