Italy announces new measures to stem spread of coronavirus

Italy announces new measures to stem spread of coronavirus

Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte on Sunday announced new measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus, according to the Associated Press.

The AP reported these new measures include allowing Italian mayors to enforce 9 p.m. curfews at public squares, penalties for gyms and pools that fail to follow restrictions and the banning of local festivals. Restaurants and bars will also be limited to only table service after 6 p.m., three hours earlier than before, though the midnight closing time will remain the same.

At the beginning of October, Italy made it mandatory for all residents to wear masks while in public in response to another surge of cases.


Despite the success of Italy’s 10-week lockdown this spring that hindered the spread of the virus, Italian authorities are reluctant to return to such measures due to the financial effects, costing the economy more than 47 billion euros each month.

To date, more than 400,000 cases have been confirmed in Italy and more than 36,000 deaths. Italy was among the early epicenters of the pandemic and at one point had the highest case fatality rate in the world.

This past week it was announced that several members of the Pope’s security service the Swiss Guard had contracted the virus and on Saturday it was confirmed that a person living in the Pope’s residence had also tested positive.

Italy is not the only country grappling with new rises in cases. Cases in Europe and the U.S. have also begun to rise as experts warn of an expected third surge of cases that will come as temperatures begin to drop. This has been attributed to colder conditions causing many activities to move indoors where there are smaller spaces and more shared air.