Illinois reports highest level of COVID-19 cases since January

Illinois on Wednesday reported 6,119 new COVID-19 cases, the highest amount in a single day since January.

The surge is largely fueled by unvaccinated residents, the Chicago Tribune reported. In the week ending on Wednesday, residents who were not fully vaccinated were being hospitalized due to COVID-19 at a rate of 38 per 100,000 residents, surpassing the peak rate during fall 2020, according to the Tribune.

Nearly 1.9 million people in Illinois have received the COVID-19 booster shot, which is more than 1 in 7 of the state's residents, the Tribune noted. The number is an increase from the 1.5 million Illinoisans who were reported to have received the booster less than two weeks ago.

The state ranks 17th in the country for the percentage of residents who have received booster shots, the news outlet reported.

The news comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday strengthened their recommendation for all adults to get booster shots, a revision from their previous guidance that younger adults "may" get the vaccine if they are inclined.