Pelosi: Democrats 'absolutely' will retain the House in 2010

Pelosi struck the upbeat tone before the first meeting of her Democratic caucus in the House since before a brutal August recess for Pelosi’s party. New polls released over the break suggest Democrats could lose this House this fall.

But Pelosi said Democrats would draw a clear contrast with Republicans and hold on to the House. She criticized the GOP as wanting to take the country back to the “failed” economy of the Bush years.


Pelosi also voiced confidence in “the caliber of our candidates” heading into the election.

“They know who they are and why they came to Congress,” she said. “They have won their districts before and they will win them again,” she said.

Democrats believe they received good news Tuesday night from GOP primary voters in Delaware, who backed Tea Party movement favorite Christine O’Donnell over Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) as their candidate. Castle was seen as the favorite in the general election, while polls suggested O’Donnell could lose to a Democrat.