Biden enlists Boehner in Veterans Day remarks to increase funding for benefits

BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerBill Clinton jokes no one would skip Dingell's funeral: 'Only time' we could get the last word Left flexes muscle in immigration talks Former Ryan aide moves to K street MORE joined Biden and other dignitaries at Arlington National Cemetery to commemorate Veterans Day while President Obama is in Asia.

As he praised the sacrifices of the troops and their families, Biden enlisted Rep. Boehner's help in continuing to increase funding for veterans' benefits even as spending cuts dominate talks in Washington.


"Ladies and gentlemen, it's an obligation that the president and I and the soon-to-be Speaker are fully committed to fulfilling," Biden said. "And it's an obligation I hope every leader that comes after us understands as well."

With Obama overseas delivering his Veterans Day remarks in Seoul, Biden stepped in to mark the day.

"I look out at all of you who served our nation, and all of you who have stood by their side and waited as they served, and I see the most tested among us, the most tested of all Americans," Biden said. "I also see the most honorable men and women, citizens who have never feared the future and are determined to build a better future to this day."

The vice president noted the ongoing efforts and sacrifices of troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, pledging "our resolve in the face of the new threats we now confront will never, ever waver because we have so many, so many, so many brave young men and women of this generation who are willing to serve."

Biden praised veterans as "the heart and soul, the very spine of this nation."

"And as a nation we pause today to thank the more than 23 million surviving veterans who have so bravely and faithfully protected our freedom," Biden said.