Business reps contacted by Issa

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has asked a wide spectrum of business interests to target Obama administration regulations this year, according to a full list of those contacted by the congressman, obtained by The Hill and included below:

Wayne Valis, President, Valis Associates, LLC

Brian D. Vanderbloemen, Director, Federal Government Affairs, Duke Energy Corp.

James W. Owens, Chairman and CEO, Caterpillar Inc.

Pamela J. Whitted, Vice President, Government Affairs, National Sand, Stone, and Gravel Association

Peter H. Lawson, Vice President of Government Relations, Ford

Rex W. Tillerson, Chairman and CEO, ExxonMobil

Gary Sheffer, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs, General Electric

Michael Dykes, Vice President, Government Affairs, Monsanto Co.

Robert E. Murray, Chairman, President and CEO, Murray Energy Corp.

Jim Tozzi, Director, Center for Regulatory Effectiveness

Fred Smith, President, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Richard Williams, Director of Policy Research, Mercatus Center

Susan E. Dudley, Director, Regulatory Studies Center at George Washington University

Philip Sharp, President, Resources for the Future

James Gattuso, Sr. Research Fellow in Regulatory Policy, Heritage Foundation

Carmen Haworth, Public Policy Counsel, Agricultural Retailers Association

David A. Castelveter, Vice President of Communications, Air Transport Association

Patrick Atagi, Sr. Director, Chlorine Chemistry Division, American Chemistry Council

Danielle Quist, Asst. General Counsel for Public Policy, American Farm Bureau

Donna A. Harman, President and CEO, American Forest and Paper Assoc.

J. Patrick Boyle, President and CEO, American Meat Institute

Jacob Roche, Washington Representative, American Petroleum Institute

Sean Thurman, Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc

Larry Burton, Executive Director, Business Roundtable

William L. Kovacs, Sr. Vice President, Environment, Technology & Regulatory Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Robert D. Bessette, President, Council of Industrial Boiler Owners

Mark Casso, President, Construction Industry Round Table

Ray S. McAllister, Senior Director, Regulatory Policy, CropLife America

Thomas R. Kuhn, President, Edison Electric Institute

Steve Bartlett, President and CEO, The Financial Services Roundtable

Joel Noyes, Director of Government Relations & Industry Affairs, Independent Petroleum Association of America

Harry C. Alford, President and CEO, National Black Chamber of Commerce

John Engler, President and CEO, National Association of Manufacturers

Karen Bennett, Vice President of Environmental Affairs, National Mining Association

Daniel Bosch, Program Manager, National Federation of Independent Business

Andrew T. O’Hare, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Portland Cement Association

Katherine English, Vice President, Government Relations, The Fertilizer Institute

Tom Dobbins, Chief Staff Executive, American Composites Manufacturers Association

Paul Freedenberg, Vice President, Government Relations, The Association for Manufacturing Technology

Ed Hamberger, President and CEO, Association of American Railroads

Julie Spagnoli, Manager of Regulatory, Planning and Government Affairs, FMC Corp.

Mark Johnson, National Manager, Government Affairs, Toyota Motor North America

Ron Docksai, Vice President for Federal Government Relations, Bayer Corp.

Bev Marshall, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Duke Energy Corp.

Brian Vanderbloemen, Vice President, Federal Public Affairs Group, McGuire Woods Consulting, LLC

Mike Acott, President, National Asphalt Pavement Association

Lori Anderson, President and CEO, International Sign Association

Pamela Bailey, Grocery Manufacturers Association

Steve Berger, Craft and Hobby Association

Marion Blakey, Aerospace Industries Association of America

Gregg Borchelt, Brick Industry Association

Philip Brandl, International Housewares Association

Werner Braun, Carpet and Rug Institute

Milton Bush, American Council of Independent Laboratories

Doug Carney, Architectural Woodwork Institute

Chris Cathcart, Consumer Specialty Products Association

Peter Censky, Water Quality Association

Paul Cicio, Industrial Energy Consumers of America

David Cochran, Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America

Andy Counts, American Home Furnishings Alliance

Matthew Croson, Adhesive and Sealant Council, Inc.

Tom Dobbins, American Composites Manufacturers Association

Marla Donahue, Flexible Packaging Association

Cal Dooley, American Chemistry Council

Joe Doss, International Bottled Water Association

Andy Doyle, American Coatings Association

Charles Drevna, National Petrochemical and Refiners Association

Robert Ecker, Fluid Sealing Association

Mark Ellis, Industrial Minerals Association

Steve Etkin, Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry

Timothy Farrell, American Hardware Manufacturers Association

Steven Fetteroll, Wire Association International

Joe Franklin, American Gear Manufacturers Association

Evan Gaddis, National Electric Manufacturers Association

Kristine Garland, Composite Can and Tube Institute

Bill Gaskin, Precision Metalforming Association

Sam Gentry, American Welding Society

Tom Gibson, American Iron and Steel Institute

Jeffrey Greenwald, North American Steel Sheet Piling Association

Jim Greenwood, Biotechnology Industry Organization

Tom Hammer, National Oilseed Processors Association

Dennis Hardman, APA – The Engineered Woods Association

Roy Hardy, Forging Industry Association

Donna Harman, American Forest and Paper Association

Jerry Heppes, Door and Hardware Institute

Barbara Higgens, Plumbing Manufacturers Institute

Kathleen Jaeger, Generic Pharmaceutical Association

Phil James, National Glass Association

Tom Julia, Composite Panel Association

Kimberly Korbel, American Wire Producers Association

Eric Lanke, National Fluid Power Association

Steve Larkin, The Aluminum Association

Roy Littlefield,Tire Industry Association

Scott Lynch, American Bearing Manufacturers Association

Michael Makin, Printing Industries of America

James Mallory, Non-Ferrous Founders' Society

Dave McCurdy, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

Charles McGrath, Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute

Brian McGuire, Tooling and Manufacturing Association

Joe McGuire, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers

Denny McGuirk, IPC-The Association Connecting Electronics Industries

Tom Morrison, Metal Treating Institute

Barbara Morrison, Air Movement and Control Association International

Paul O’Day, American Fiber Manufacturers Association

Michele Marini Pittenger, Travel Goods Association

Joseph Ricci, Textile Rental Services Association of America

Lawrence Robinson, Color Pigments Manufacturers Association, Inc.

Lori Roman, Salt Institute

Ernie Rosenberg, American Cleaning Institute

Kathleen Schmatz, Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association

Kevin Schwalb, Textile Rental Services Association of America

Gerald Shankel, Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, International

Bryan Shirley, Manufacturers' Agents National Association

Dennis Slater, Association of Equipment Manufacturers

Larry Sloan, Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates

Michael Stanton, Association of International Automobile Manufacturers, Inc.

Bruce Steiner, American Coke and Coal Chemical Institute

Allen Terhaar, Cotton Council International

Robert Thomas, National Concrete Masonry Association

Richard Titus, Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association

Ryan Trainer, International Sleep Products Association

Stephen Ubl, Advanced Medical Technology Association

Richard Upton, American Lighting Association

Jay Vroom, CropLife America

Rick Walker, American Architectural Manufacturers Association

Bill Weber, Association of Pool & Spa Professionals

Ford West, The Fertilizer Institute

Robin Wiener, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries

Ann Wilson, Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association

Stephen Yurek, AirConditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute