Disgraced former-Rep. Wu makes surprise appearance at Obama's speech

Former Rep. David Wu (D-Ore.), who resigned from the House in early August because of an alleged sexual encounter with the daughter of a donor, made a surprise appearance at President Obama’s Thursday address to Congress.

Wu was accompanied by a young girl who appeared to be a relative.


His former Democratic colleagues kept their distance, staying several seats away from him in the minutes before the speech, when most took the time to mingle or position themselves to shake the president’s hand.

Wu appeared delighted to be back in the chamber and took care to point out the sights to his young charge.

Wu did not make any attempt to speak to Obama on the floor.

Former members of the House retain privileges that allow them to visit the floor when the chamber is in session.

Wu was under scrutiny for erratic behavior before resigning this summer. His staff kept him out of the public spotlight in the days before the 2010 election after his actions became increasingly bizarre. For example, he forwarded by email a picture of himself dressed up as a tiger for Halloween and sent messages to staff in the voices of his children.

Wu said he was under stress at the time.