Rep. Steve King: Obama immigration action could lead to impeachment

Greg Nash

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said Sunday that Republicans should take a “serious look” at impeaching President Obama if he uses executive action to expand deferrals for illegal immigrants.

“I think Congress has to sit down and have a serious look at the rest of this Constitution and that includes that ‘I’ word that we don’t want to say,” King said in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

{mosads}King said that if Obama moved ahead with an order to prevent the deportation of more illegal immigrants amid the border crisis, lawmakers would be forced to act.

“I think then we have to sit down and take a look,” King said. “Where would we draw the line otherwise? If that’s not enough to bring that about, then I don’t know what would be.”  

King is one of a handful of GOP lawmakers to suggest impeachment, even as House leaders dismiss those calls.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) last week said the House had no plans to impeach Obama and called it a “scam” orchestrated by Democrats to fire up their base and fundraise ahead of the midterms.

The House, though, has approved a lawsuit against Obama’s use of executive actions, in particular his move to delay implementation of the ObamaCare employer mandate.

“I want to encourage the president, please don’t put America into a constitutional crisis, please don’t do that,” King added. “There’s too much at stake in this country to be decided that you can take over the Constitution and write it at will.”

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), on Fox, defended Obama and said the lawsuit came from a “hatred of the president.”

“House Republicans are clearly taking us on a march toward impeachment,” Jeffries said. 

“It really is time to get back to doing the business of the American people and stop the squabbling that is related to what seems to be hatred of the president of the United States coming from different quarters throughout the Congress,” he added.

Jeffries said that Obama has issued fewer executive orders than other recent presidents, including George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan. He questioned whether one branch of government has the legal authority to sue another branch. 

King rejected those claims.

“Well, first of all, most of us personally like the president,” King said. “It’s not about mad, it’s not about hate, it’s about the Constitution.” 

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