Pelosi sees no security threat in Petraeus scandal

Petraeus resigned abruptly on Friday after an FBI investigation revealed an affair he'd had earlier in the year with his biographer. The scandal has caused an uproar on Capitol Hill, where some lawmakers are hammering the FBI for not warning congressional leaders earlier.


The plot thickened this week when it was revealed that the FBI is also investigating Gen. John Allen, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, over “potentially inappropriate” communications between him and the female whistleblower who launched the initial probe that unearthed the Petraeus affair.

Pelosi, who sat down Tuesday with Acting CIA Director Michael Morell, declined to discuss what was said during that meeting. But her confidence that there was no security threat suggests Morell told her the same.

"It's really important to note that this was a personal indiscretion, as far as we know," Pelosi said. "Why somebody would be personally indiscreet is their own problem. Why they would do it in emails is beyond my imagination.

"But in any event, the honorable thing was done," she added. "The general has resigned."