Ryan previews ‘A Better Way’ GOP agenda

Greg Nash

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Friday previewed the House GOP’s much-anticipated election-year agenda, the first pieces of which will be rolled out next week.

Dubbed “A Better Way,” the plan lists six policy areas it will cover: poverty, tax reform, national security, healthcare, cutting regulations and restoring constitutional authority.

{mosads}“Let’s face it. People know what Republicans are against. Now we’re going to give you a plan that shows you what we are for,” Ryan said in this weekend’s GOP address, which was released a day early.  

“Our ambition is a confident America where everybody has the chance to go out and succeed no matter where they started in life. That is the American idea,” he continued.

“We can get angry, and we can stay angry, or we can channel that anger into action.”

The video comes a day after Ryan officially endorsed Donald Trump for president, marking the end of a strange saga in which the highest-ranking Republican official had refused to get behind the party’s presumptive nominee.

Ryan has spent months talking about the House’s agenda, arguing that Republicans need a party platform that illustrates how exactly they are different from Democrats on major policy issues. 

After several discussions and one meeting with Trump, the Speaker has said he’s received assurances from Trump he’d turn many of the House GOP’s policy priorities into law.

Each week for the next three, Ryan’s House task forces will roll out two new policy pieces for a total of six. Republicans will start with poverty, unveiling their policies Tuesday at House of Help City of Hope, a nonprofit in Washington’s Anacostia neighborhood.

On Thursday, Republicans will unveil their national security plank at an event at the Council on Foreign Relations. 

“All of us — not government — should have the biggest role to play in our lives. That’s what this is about. That’s why a clear choice is so important. Because it is easy to get caught up in all the back-and-forth and the finger-pointing,” Ryan said in the video.

“But to do this, to set things right, we need to raise our gaze. We need to go bold. This is a chance to pull together and be part of something greater: a more inclusive, more inspiring, a more confident America. This is a better way.”

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