Pelosi: Trump is unifying Dems

Pelosi: Trump is unifying Dems
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"Keep on talking," she encouraged the presumptive Republican nominee. 
But Pelosi said there's "no question" the Clinton and Sanders camps will unite ahead of November's election. And they have an unusual ally, she said, in Trump — the Republican presidential standard-bearer whose incendiary rhetoric on the campaign trail has insulted broad swaths of voters, including women, immigrants, Muslims and the disabled.
"The difference that we have among us all, between the two candidates, is nothing compared to the chasm between us and the Republicans," Pelosi said. "And everyday when presumptive nominee Trump speaks, it unifies the Democrats more."
Trump's campaign message has also divided Republicans, a dynamic on full display this week following Sunday's mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Although the shooter was born in New York and lived in Florida, Trump pointed to the tragedy as evidence that his previous calls for a ban on Muslims visiting the United States was good policy.
Speaker Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanMcCarthy faces pushback from anxious Republicans over interview comments Pelosi and Trump go a full year without speaking Jordan vows to back McCarthy as leader even if House loses more GOP seats MORE (R-Wis.), who reluctantly endorsed Trump but has also decried the businessman's more combustible comments, was forced Thursday to repeat the drill over the Muslim ban.
"We don't agree on that. Everybody knows that," Ryan told reporters in the Capitol. "He's a different kind of candidate. This is a different kind of year," he added. "I do, though, believe that the last thing we want is a Democrat in the White House, like Hillary Clinton."
Clinton has already won enough pledged and superdelegates in the Democratic primary to secure the nomination. But Sanders is vowing to take his campaign all the way to Philadelphia, where the party will host its convention at the end of July.
Pelosi endorsed the former secretary of State just before this month's primary contest in her home state of California, but she's also repeatedly hailed Sanders, her former House colleague, for "invigorating" voters who otherwise might sit out the cycle. 
Heading into the convention, Democratic leaders have worked delicately to shift their resources and support to Clinton without alienating Sanders's millions of backers. And Pelosi on Thursday amplified her praise for Sanders's electric campaign.
"That gave us so much hope and turned out so many people," she said. "Bernie Sanders is one of the people who knows better than anyone what's on the line in this election, and that unity is important, and it's also important for us to recognize the revitalization — the invigoration, I should say — he has brought and all the people he has brought to the fore."