GOP rep to man at town hall: 'Shut up'

Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) told an attendee at his town hall last weekend to "shut up."

Barton was asked a question during his town hall regarding legislation on violence against women.

“On the first bill that I voted against, that’s a true statement, and I voted against it because I think that’s a state issue, not a federal issue,” he said, according to the Dallas Morning News.

After his response, several people shouted out objections to what Barton had said.


One audience member could be hearing saying violence against women is a "national issue."

“That is an issue that impacts everyone, everywhere, not only in this country but everywhere," the audience member said.

Barton then pointed to an attendee amid the shouting and said: “You, sir, shut up.”

Another man in the audience could be heard yelling: "What is that? You don't tell anybody to shut up. You work for us."

Barton told The Huffington Post that town halls have ground rules including that "you must be recognized in order to speak."
“These are unscripted live meetings. Over the weekend in Frost, one gentlemen continued to speak over myself and many others who were seeking recognition in orderly fashion," he said.
"I did, however, return to him for the last question of the meeting and allow him the opportunity to voice his concerns.”