Pelosi: Trump needs an 'intervention'

Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says President Trump needs an “intervention.”

Asked how she feels about talk of impeachment, Pelosi told Chelsea Handler, “I think I have another ‘i’ word — it’s intervention.”

“I think an intervention is really needed here,” Pelosi continues on the upcoming Friday episode of Handler’s Netflix show, “Chelsea.” In the clip, obtained exclusively by ITK, Pelosi says, “It’s about the law and what happens — the facts and the law. And that equals grounds for impeachment or not.”

“But I do believe this: we have to make sure the president knows what he’s talking about. And that’s why I say an intervention. What are the facts?”

Recalling the first meeting that House and Senate leaders had with Trump following the inauguration, Pelosi says she wondered what words the commander in chief might utter during the “historic” gathering.


“What is he going to say? Will he quote the Bible? Will he quote our founders? What poetry might he talk about in order to talk about the momentous nature of the occasion? And what’d he say? ‘You know I won the popular vote.’ ” 

“To which I said: That’s not true,” Pelosi recounted to Handler. 

“I always am respectful of the office,” Pelosi added, “But if he wasn’t going to be respectful — starting off with that — he opened the door.”

“He said, ‘I won the popular vote because 3-5 million people did not vote legally in the election,” Pelosi exclaimed. 

“And that’s when I said that’s not true. There’s no evidence, no basis in fact.” 

“And then he said, ‘And I’m not even counting California!’ ” 

Pelosi said she replied to Trump: “We’ll have our disagreements over priorities, or the course of action, or the timing, but we have to stipulate a set of facts.” 

Saying Trump’s election “galvanized” her, Handler announced Wednesday that she’s not returning to Netflix for another season of her talk show, instead devoting her time to political organizing and activism.