Trump Jan. 7 outtake: ‘I don’t want to say the election’s over’

The Jan. 6 select committee on Thursday presented outtakes of then-President Trump recording a video on Jan. 7, 2021.

In the outtake, Trump at one point cuts himself off to say that he does not want to say “the election’s over” while reading a script from a teleprompter.

“’But this election is now over. Congress has certified the results’ — I don’t want to say the election’s over, I just want to say Congress has certified the results without saying the election’s over, OK?” Trump said.

The former president’s daughter Ivanka Trump is heard in the background drafting a new line for her father, including, “now, Congress has certified—.”

In the final cut of the video, Trump said “Congress has certified the results,” but he did not mention losing the election.

In another outtake, Trump took issue with a section that condemned the rioters.

“’And to those who broke the law, you will pay. You do not represent our movement, you do not represent our country, and if you broke the law’ — can’t say that, I’m not gonna, I already said you will pay,” he said.

The final address did not include the “you will pay” line.

Additionally, the committee showed two outtakes of Trump becoming frustrated after reading the line, “My only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote.”

In one clip, he put pointed his index finger down, and in the second, he slammed the podium.

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