Ocasio-Cortez fires back at Pence: ‘Absolutely no one wants to hear what your plan is for their uterus’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) shot back at Mike Pence on Wednesday night after the former vice president said Republican majorities in Congress will protect the right to life, telling Pence on Twitter, “Absolutely no one wants to hear what your plan is for their uterus.”

The spat between Pence and Ocasio-Cortez spurred from President Biden’s announcement on Tuesday that the first bill he will send to Congress if Democrats hold their majorities in both chambers next month is legislation to codify the Roe v. Wade ruling on abortion rights.

Pence, in a tweet on Tuesday night, said Congress will be controlled by “Pro-Life majorities” next year that will block access to the procedure.

“I’ve got news for President Biden. Come January 22nd, we will have Pro-Life majorities in the House and Senate and we’ll be taking the cause of the right to Life to every state house in America!” Pence wrote.

Ocasio-Cortez fired back at Pence on Wednesday night, writing on Twitter, “And I’ve got news for you: Absolutely no one wants to hear what your plan is for their uterus.”

The exchange comes in the final stretch before the midterm elections, which will determine the breakdown of the House and Senate for the next two years.

Democrats have sought to make abortion a prime focus on the campaign trail after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, while Republicans have sought to make the economy and rising inflation central to their bids.

Those on the left expressed outrage at the Supreme Court’s ruling over the summer, while many on the right celebrated the move. Pence, shortly after the bench published its decision, said the bench “righted a historic wrong,” and called for all states to ban abortion.

The former vice president is one of many Republicans seen as potential presidential candidates in 2024. Some see his recent activities as preparing for a future bid, including delivering speeches on his perspective for the future of conservatives and taking trips to states that host early primaries and caucuses, including Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Pence has also encouraged the party to focus on its future rather than the past — a veiled push to move away from former President Trump.

Asked on Wednesday if he would support Trump should he run for president in 2024, Pence responded, “Well, there might be somebody else I prefer more.”

Democrats are favored to retain their majority in the Senate but lose their edge in the House, according to FiveThirtyEight.

On Tuesday, Biden promised that if Democrats can retain control of both chambers next month, the first issue he would tackle is abortion rights.

“In these midterm elections, it’s so critical to elect more Democratic senators to the United States Senate and more Democrats to keep control of the House of Representatives,” Biden said in remarks at the Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C.

“And, folks, if we do that, here is the promise I make to you and the American people: The first bill that I will send to the Congress will be to codify Roe v. Wade. And when Congress passes it, I’ll sign it in January, 50 years after Roe was first decided the law of the land,” he added.

The House passed two bills aimed at protecting access to abortion in July, but they have since stalled in the Senate because of Republican opposition.

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