House picks outside firm to provide sexual harassment training

House picks outside firm to provide sexual harassment training
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The House has decided to award the management consulting firm FranklinCovey a contract to provide mandatory workplace rights and responsibilities training for members and staffers.

Following the passage of H.R. 630 in November, all members, officers, employees, interns, fellows and detailees will be required to complete an education program on workplace rights during each congressional session.


FranklinCovey will be tasked with coordinating 400 training sessions held both in Washington, D.C., and district offices across the country, according to an email announcing the contract.

House personnel will be required to complete the 90-minute seminars by July 2, with executive sessions for lawmakers being scheduled around their work schedule.

"We are confident the House’s partnership with FranklinCovey, a globally recognized leader in corporate training, will successfully balance the enormous logistical requirements of in-person education for an estimated 16,500 individuals across the United States and provide an excellent education session that includes anti-harassment and anti-discrimination subject matter,” Chief Administrative Officer Philip Kiko said in a statement.

While sexual harassment training is now mandatory in both chambers, the Senate is facing increasing pressure to take up House-passed legislation barring lawmakers from using federal dollars for settlements and overhauling how claims are managed.

The House Administration Committee has until June 1 to announce regulations House offices are expected to comply with while crafting policies prohibiting harassment in the workplace.