Lieu responds to NRA survey: Please give me an 'F' rating

Lieu responds to NRA survey: Please give me an 'F' rating
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Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) on Tuesday mocked the National Rifle Association (NRA) by using a survey from the organization to ask about its Russian-linked donations.

The California Democrat tweeted that he’d received a candidate questionnaire from the NRA’s political action committee. He filled out the survey and shared a hand-written note he added to the top of the page.

“Why haven’t you answered my letter asking you to clarify your links to the Kremlin? Also, please give me a ‘F’ rating,” Lieu wrote. 

The NRA disclosed last week that it received contributions from 23 individuals with links to Russia since 2015. Those donations totaled just over $2,500, and the organization said most of the money was from "routine payments," like membership fees.


Some of the payments may have come from Americans living in Russia, the NRA added.

Lieu is an outspoken critic of Trump administration, and has been among the dozens of Democrats who have attacked the NRA since the Feb. 14 shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school.

Since the shooting, the Trump administration has taken steps to ban bump stocks, an accessory that allows certain weapons to fire at a more rapid rate, signed off on funding for improved background checks and has urged states to pass gun legislation.

However, Congress has not taken action on enacting universal background checks, raising the age requirement to purchase a rifle or banning assault weapons, each of which Parkland students have called for.

The NRA has opposed new gun legislation, and instead called for "hardening" schools by arming teachers.