GOP lawmaker shares photo with middle schooler flipping him off

During a visit to a west Florida middle school this week, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) snapped a photo with a group of students.

In the background, students could be seen flashing peace signs or "dabbing." And one girl, sitting immediately behind the congressman, can be seen raising her middle finger.

That move prompted a rebuke and apology by a woman on Facebook who identified herself as the girl's mother.

"As the mother of the little girl very disrespectfully flipping the 'bird,' I will be dealing with her at home tonight! I absolutely have raised her better than this, and I promise this will NEVER happen again!" she wrote.

"I have been dealing with her wanting to 'fit in' and I promise you, I am livid," she continued. "Political views aside, this is completely unacceptable. Mr. Gaetz, I apologize on behalf of my daughter. I am very sorry this occurred."

Gaetz didn't appear offended by the girl's hand gesture. He responded to the woman's comment, suggesting that the incident was a learning experience.

"Her congressman has also had an occasional lapse of judgement as a middle schooler," Gaetz replied. "Teaching moments like this are a good thing. I had a lovely time with the students."