NRCC memo: GOP 'well-positioned' to keep House and prevent 'blue wave'

NRCC memo: GOP 'well-positioned' to keep House and prevent 'blue wave'
© Max Greenwood/The Hill

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) expressed confidence in the GOP’s ability to resist a “blue wave” in the midterm elections, according to a memo sent to House Republican campaigns.

“In spite of history and conventional wisdom inside the Beltway, as it stands today, Republicans are well-positioned to maintain control of the House,” the memo said. 


The NRCC attributes this assessment to various factors, including increased  advertising and fundraising. The memo details $62 million in ad reservations across 11 states and $145 million in fundraising, a record for the group at this point, in a section headlined "The Cavalry Is Coming."

The NRCC also praises Republican candidates and their attitudes. The group praises incumbents as “resilient” and its new candidates as a “historic class of recruits with diverse backgrounds and life experiences.” It also credits candidates’ attitudes that, considering the political climate, they are running “as if they were 10 points down.” 

Lastly, the NRCC praises what it claims are GOP accomplishments compared to the Democrats.

The memo applauds the Trump administration’s tax cuts, which it says led to higher wages and lower unemployment.

It also mentions House Minority Leader Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi Sunday shows preview: Leaders weigh in as country erupts in protest over George Floyd death 5 things to know about US-China tensions over Hong Kong Pelosi calls Trump's decision to withdraw US from WHO 'an act of extraordinary senselessness' MORE’s (D-Calif.) unpopularity as well as the increased power of the progressive wing of the party and associated positions, such as opposition to ICE.

The memo is a stark contrast to several election prognosticators’ predictions. FiveThirtyEight currently estimates Democrats have a nearly 80 percent chance of taking control of the House of Representatives.

Democrats have significant advantages, according to political analysts, including signs of increased enthusiasm by party members and strong fundraising.

History also shows the party that occupies the White House traditionally loses seats in the midterm elections.