Maxine Waters responds to 'despicable' accusations her office leaked GOP senators' information

Maxine Waters responds to 'despicable' accusations her office leaked GOP senators' information
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Rep. Maxine WatersMaxine Moore WatersRemedying injustice for the wrongfully convicted does not end when they are released McCarthy says he'll strip Dems of committee slots if GOP wins House A presidential candidate pledge can right the wrongs of an infamous day MORE (D-Calif.) denied allegations being pedaled by “ultra-right wing” pundits and outlets claiming that a member of her staff was responsible for the release of personal information regarding U.S. senators.

Waters’ statement arrives on the heels of reports this week stating that three Republican senators’ personal information was leaked just hours after the Senate Judiciary Committee heard the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, a college professor who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault while they were in high school.

The three Republican senators whose information was leaked onto Wikipedia were reportedly Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.) , Mike LeeMichael (Mike) Shumway LeeSchumer ramps up filibuster fight ahead of Jan. 6 anniversary Juan Williams: The GOP is an anti-America party Manchin faces pressure from Gillibrand, other colleagues on paid family leave MORE and Orrin G. Hatch (Utah), according to The Washington Post.


After the report, multiple right-wing sites like Gateway Pundit and RedState reported the IP address responsible for the leak was associated with Waters’ office and released the information of a staffer in the office.

“Lies, lies, and more despicable lies,” Waters said in a statement shared to Twitter on Saturday. “I am utterly disgusted by the spread of the completely false, absurd, and dangerous lies and conspiracy theories that are being pedaled by ultra-right wing pundits, outlets, and websites who are promoting a fraudulent claim that a member of my staff was responsible for the release of the personal information of Member of United States Senate on Wikipedia.” 

“This unfounded allegation is completely false and an absolute lie,” Waters continued. 

“The United States Capitol Police and out internal IT specialist have determined that the IP address in question does not belong to my office or anyone on my staff,” Waters said. “The member of my staff – whose identity, personal information, and safety have been compromised as a result of these fraudulent and false allegations – was in no way responsible for the leak of this information.” 

Waters vehemently denied claims that the leak came from her office and added that her office has since alerted “the appropriate authorities and law enforcement entities of these fraudulent claims.”

“We will ensure that the perpetrators will be revealed, and that they will be held legally liable for all of their actions that are destructible and dangerous to any and all members of my staff,” Waters said.