Republican support for one-party government control hits record: Gallup

Republican support for one-party government control hits record: Gallup

A record-breaking 59 percent of Republicans told Gallup in a new survey that it is better for the same party to control both the presidency and Congress.

Republicans saw a sharp bump in support for one-party control of the federal government, leaping from 46 percent 2017, according to Gallup.

Last year's percentage broke the previous record for Democrats or Republicans who expressed support for one party holding the presidency and a majority in Congress, which was set in 2002.


Gallup noted that the members of any given president's party are nearly always more likely to say that it's better to have the White House and Congress controlled by one party.

Still, the jump in Republican support is notable, according to the polling giant.

Pollsters also found a record low number of Americans who say that party control doesn't matter.

Just more than one-third of all Americans, 36 percent, say it is best for the country if the U.S. has a unified government, while only 31 percent say it doesn't matter at all.

The percentage who say it doesn't matter is significantly lower than the average of 37 percent from 2002 to 2017.

This is because Democrats and Republicans increasingly say a unified government matters, while independents' responses are unchanged.

Gallup spoke to 1,035 U.S. adults over the phone from Sept. 4 to Sept. 12. for this poll, which has a margin of sampling error of 4 points.