Hispanic Dems announce task forces for 116th Congress

 Hispanic Dems announce task forces for 116th Congress
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The Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) announced Monday its issue-based task forces for the current Congress.
The CHC will have 13 task forces, up from 11 during last Congress, as the group has grown in number and reach. The CHC currently recognizes 38 members, compared to 32 last Congress.
“I’m also proud to announce the establishment of two new CHC Task Forces: the Women’s Task Force and the Arts and Technology Task Force—which will lead efforts to empower and uplift Latinas across the country, fight for women’s education, healthcare, and civil rights, and lead the way for innovation and increased opportunities in the STEAM sectors," said Castro.
"CHC Task Forces will be instrumental in crafting and advancing policy priorities and legislation," said Rep. Joaquín Castro (D-Texas), chairman of the CHC.
"Further, CHC Task Forces will work to hold the Administration accountable for its failed responses to the crisis in Puerto Rico, finding the best possible framework for comprehensive immigration reform, and increasing diversity across all sectors,” he added in a statement.
The CHC has gained prominence as Hispanics are disproportionately affected by issues of national interest such as immigration.
The CHC's buy-in will be crucial for any immigration legislation, and the CHC's four representatives in the House Judiciary Committee -- in charge of immigration bills -- are also part of the CHC immigration task force.
The task forces align with other official assignments as well.
Rep. Albio SiresAlbio B. SiresHouse passes resolution disapproving of Russia being included in future G7 summits House to vote on resolution opposing Russia's inclusion in G-7 Lawmakers spar over surveillance flight treaty with Russia MORE (D-N.J.), for instance, is the head of the CHC Latin America and Foreign Affairs task force, and the chairman of the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee on Foreign Affairs.