Tlaib: Impeachment not about the 2020 election

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) argued Sunday that the debate over whether to impeach President Trump should be about public trust - not the 2020 election.

Speaking on "Meet the Press," Tlaib said Democrats need to begin impeachment proceedings because the White House is hindering them from conducting probes and doing their jobs.

"This is not about the 2020 election, it's about doing what's right now for our country," she said.

"For me, to fight back against Big Pharma, for many of my colleagues that came there to pass really important reforms that are needed, we can't do it when the president of the United States continues to lie to the American people, continues to not follow through on subpoenas and give us the information that we need."

Impeachment talk has been heating up in recent days after Trump walked out of an infrastructure meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who said she thinks the president is "crying out" for impeachment.

While some House Democrats have upped the pressure on Pelosi, others have maintained their stance that lawmakers are not yet in a position to impeach.

"I think it is moving toward that," Tlaib said Sunday of impeachment. "It's going to demand that."

Tlaib, who famously called on her colleagues to "impeach the motherf-er" in January, pushed back against some Democrats who say the party should focus on winning in 2020 rather than impeachment.

"The public's trust is at stake," she said Sunday. "We need to stop separating the fact that we're trying to change peoples' lives for the better, but we have an administration that continues to violate the United States Constitution."