Democratic lawmaker slams Trump's Fourth of July event: 'This must be the most insecure man I've ever seen'

Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.) criticized President Trump's "Salute to America" Fourth of July plans, accusing the president of overspending and turning the celebration into a partisan event. 

"I grew up here in Washington, I've been to the 'Salute on the Mall' many, many times. It's always been nonpartisan," Beyer said on CNN's "New Day" Wednesday morning.

"This must be the most insecure man I've ever seen, because everything’s gotta be about him," he added of Trump. "And this bringing in the military, again we’ve never seen something like that, it reminds me of some small autocratic country."


The plans for Thursday, which include tanks, a military flyover, remarks by Trump and a 35-minute fireworks display, have led Democratic lawmakers and other critics to question the logistics, cost and ethics of the event.

Beyer's CNN interview followed a Washington Post report that claims the National Park Service has been directed to divert nearly $2.5 million in funding to cover the costs of Trump's extravagant plans.

Beyer suggested Trump pay for the costs himself, "if he's going to tear up our streets." 

"We’ve got to make sure we’re not making a huge national infrastructure problem worse by this, essentially, vain glorious display of his own political need for celebrity," Beyer said. 

No president since Richard Nixon has made a personal address on Independence Day, and even then it was a video sent in from California, Beyer added.

Trump plans to give a public address from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. 

"It inevitably makes it about 'Make America Great Again,' " Beyer said.

Beyer said reports of the Republican National Committee giving out select VIP seats highlight the hyperpartisan nature of Trump's celebration.

An RNC spokesperson told The Hill that it's "standard practice" for similar events under administrations of both parties.