Freedom Caucus formally opposes Trump’s budget deal

Greg Nash

The House Freedom Caucus took an official position Tuesday not to back President Trump’s spending deal and agreement to lift the debt ceiling, citing concerns with its impact on the national debt.

“Our country is undeniably headed down a path of fiscal insolvency and rapidly approaching $23 trillion in debt. This is completely unsustainable, and we owe taxpayers and future generations better. We should be working together on a bipartisan basis to cut spending and balance our budget—or, at bare minimum, holding to the existing spending caps to prevent a significant problem from becoming even worse,” the group said in a statement.

“All sides should go back to the drawing board and work around the clock, canceling recess if necessary, on a responsible budget agreement that serves American taxpayers better—not a $323 billion spending frenzy with no serious offsets.”{mosads}

The conservative group’s decision to oppose the measure comes one day after Trump tweeted his support for the deal struck between congressional leaders.

The president doubled down on his support on Tuesday evening, encouraging members to back the legislation.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told reporters while he would have liked to have seen certain provisions and spending offsets make it into the deal, he feels Republicans score some wins and is confident they will have the votes for it to pass the lower chamber.

“It makes me want to work harder to win the majority back again. But the protections that we’ve been able to get in the bill here, the build within the military. Look, I would have wanted a lot more offsets but the Speaker would not provide that. At the end of the day, the president said this is the best deal going forward,” McCarthy said Tuesday evening.

“But it’s the importance of why we have to get the majority back to take care of this debt, to get rid of this debt. … You know I haven’t met with everybody yet, but I think we’ll have the votes.”

The legislation is still expected to pass without Freedom Caucus support. 

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